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Dude you have some amazing skills
The theme framework we use for the forum is unbelievable and a joy to work with, I've barley touched any code!

The more custom stuff is yet to come. I have some ideas about what I want to make. Next on the list is the store then i'll look at some more advanced stuff.

I was thinking about having a 'garages' section where each user can create their own 'garage' but I've not fully thought it through yet.

I've had a week off before I start a new job so I've had a good tinker, as always time is the issue! The site still isn't a year old and I think we look better than any competition, i'm pretty pleased with how its shaping up (y)


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Haha the garage idea would be cool, you could have some sort of sub menus for people who've bought aftermarket stuff! So you have your 'car' then sub menu stuff like 'wheels' 'air intake' 'exhaust' 'transmission' 'suspension' 'drive train' 'engine' 'brakes' etc etc!
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All looking very good, and I agree a lot better than the competition user friendly is the most obvious for me.


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I agree it looks great! +1 for the garage idea, would be nice to have a section to associate cars with the names, particularly if you don't have time for a full build thread.