Water leaking into car when stationary


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Hi all,

As the title suggests, I have water leaking into my car and I believe it's coming from either the cable grommets between the rear hatch and the main body or the rear hatch mounts.

Does anyone know how to remove the roof liner (without breaking anything) so I can get to the rear hatch bolts, take everything off, seal it and then put it back together again?

2020-10-16 10.51.08.jpg

2020-10-16 10.51.03.jpg

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It’s quite an easy job, just take your time as everything is old. Start by pulling down the door seals, remove the interior light and sun visors. There will be a couple a bolts underneath. remove the A pillar covers (they just have clips and then slide the bottom out) and there will be a push clip in each corner of the headliner. Then the front should hang down a bit. From memory the are a couple of big clips on the side and then 3 or 4 along the rear edge, they need a bit of a pull or if you have any trim removal plastic tools, you can push them in and lever it down.
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