Various after market or modded parts., seats, roll cage, doors, plexiglass, BGW, Red belts. Carbon bonnet,

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Going a new route with rx7, decided I baley use it so I am going full track spec. Everything is Mazda PZ black.

Below are all for sale, will ship items for most part, some may need collecting. If you want something heavy shipping it will have to wait a little as I have just had surgery and can't lift anything heavy for a month or so. More than welcome to remove your self.

Payment via paypal (please include fee), or bank transfer on collection/postage, no cash.

I think my prices are more than fair, but if not please make me an offer im interested in selling parts not hoarding them. I also have quite a few other bits for sale not listed, like spare standard domes, clock surrounds, trim, handles etc. All parts are in good working order, may have minor scuffs anything obvious is pictured.

Front bumper, clearly wider than standard, I believe its a bison wide body kit. £100

Rear spoiler, GRP but with carbon fibre dip (not real carbon) Will come with the shorter legs pictured leaves the spoiler just below the roof line, so you can go onto the nurburgring if wanted (not the tall ones on trailer) it is almost 2m wide. £400 SOLD

Rear hatch including plexi glass, £200 will not come with the inside trims.

Both doors are available, will be full doors except interior trim and wing mirrors. So that will be the door, the window and motors, no switches or trims or speakers. Will include rubber seals though that are attached. £250 each. DEPOSIT TAKEN.

Real leather and real alacantra rear seats, unfortuntely some kind of stain/bubbling in middle bit pictured, no idea what it is or if it will come off (have not tried as don't want to make it worst). Got my car back with it like that. £150 SOLD

Interior door cars, in suede effect grey full cards but not including handles etc, will inc speaker covers. £150 for pair. DEPOSIT TAKEN

Seibon cf bonnet, this is a genuine seibon cf bonnet, how ever as you can see it has been painted on the outsides as it had some minor damage, unfortunately one edge has damage (m8 stood it on it's ends :| ) £300 sold

Interior trims, These were all professionally Hydrodipped to a high standard, all polished, not orange peely etc. It's a modern wood effect, very realistic, probably marmite for many but it's a nice place to sit with them in. This includes, dome, clock surround, stereo surround, centre console, both door card sides where your elbows go and where handles are. As well as the trims that sit on other side of exterior door handles. £400

All rear boot trims in grey suede effect £200

Full red seat belt set front and back (not the harness's) ncludes the little red trims )triangles etc that they go through. These are very good, no fraying etc and very clean, literally spent a day steam cleaning them. £250 SOLD

Full cusco bolt in roll cage, This was a full cage, I bought it and had it professionally modified to include side impact bars and harness bar. It was then powder coated in anthracite grey. im 50/50 on selling this, part of me wants to go for a full 21point cage, but this is plenty for fast road/track days for a road legal car. £1000

Rear hatch black suede effect trims, £100, hard to picture but it includes all the bits that go around the top of the boot lid.

Spacers, obviously 2 orange and 2 purple, These are aluminium and were custom made.
Purple £100 pair, Orange £75 pair. (cost over £400 to have made)

Drivers side wing mirror, good condition glass unbroken, £100
Passanger side as above but has slight crack on outside edge of glass doesn;t effect viewing really. £60

rear deffuser also for sale, includes centre fins not pictured as not fitted £120
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interested in the interior pieces if all the tabs and mounting points are tip top
As I recall they all are yes, I removed them from a car my self prior to the work and they all fit bang on, If anything is broken it's certainly not affecting them being held inplace tightly. I know that for sure as I hate rattles. Feel free to pm.
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Buy now for 1000.00 GBP
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