To wide body or not in 2021

To wide body or not in 2021

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Hi guys,

Had my FD for about 15 years now, plenty of years running well and plenty of it being a garage ornament but back on the road this year and loving it as there is nothing like it and mates have moved on to an M2, Golf R etc but im still stuck in the 90s/00s Jap era.

Over those 15 years my goal was always to fit my genuine FEED front and rear arches and get the car resprayed as it is looking good at distance but not so great up close, being PZ black doesnt help.

My question though, in these strange times with car prices going up and up, is this right to do should I ever sell in the future or will it be even more niche as people will want more stock looking cars? Once youā€™ve cut the rears up there is no going back. I have no plans to sell though at the moment.



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I bought mine with the widebody mate, I wasn't sure initially but love it now. Just got to pick what outrageous shade of green i should go for.

At the end of the day it is your car so do what makes you happy
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If you've got a stock, unrepaired, low mileage original car then it could be worth six figures in the foreseeable future, so probably best not to wide-body it ;)

Conversely, the vast majority of our cars have been used, tuned, and mended and although values are rising, for a normal car I wouldn't think a widebody conversion would devalue it, probably makes approximately zero difference either way. It might somewhat reduce the pool of potential buyers, but not necessarily. The fresh paint job would make it more sellable in itself.

So I don't think resale value is a reason for or against the widebody (although you won't get the money back for the conversion itself).

If you do it, though, do it properly - four well fitted fenders, a high quality paint job, some quality wide wheels filling the arches and the ride height on point. Nothing sadder than a half-assed bodykit IMHO. Conversely, done properly the impact in the metal is quite something.
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I can't help but feel that with the car scene there are lots of fads and fashions that look real bad real quick.

It's almost as if the more rad it looks now, the worse it'll look tomorrow.

So, irreversible mods might not be the one. At least for some.


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I have been contemplating this same choice for many many years..yet still sitting on the fence on whether I should widebody or not! I've chosen not to but gone with a Re adgt front bumper and veilside side skirts. Does give the car that updated/aggressive look with the option to always revert back to oem if i ever need to in the future.

The way i see it, your car your rules. A genuine feed arch kit should not de-value the car.


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It's your car, do what makes you happy. If doing so means you keep it another 15 years then 100%. If you go with a kit that's good I don't think it will hurt the value and may even increase it, soemthing like the feed gt3 kit, IMO of course is gorgeous. My car is extremally wide body, but I bought it with the kit and I have never really loved it, although I generally love anything wide body. I have just started to chop it all off, I am sticking to wide body but I have gone for a full carbon option and not quite as wide, the only non carbon part will be the roof. (might have it skinned to match).
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