Titanium grey fd

Suppose I should document my build here ?

So the base is a 92 type r

Resprayed in spirit r titanium grey
18" ultralight wheels
Cat back exhaust

What I'm having done

Apexi power fc
Decat exhaust
Upgraded fuel pump
Bigger primary injectors/fuel rail
V mount intercooler
Battery relocate
Aircon delete
K sport 8 pots up front
Street port
Full rebuild with uprated apex seals
Modified oil system
New clutch
New radiator

Think that's it


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Just had this message from pip and I have to say, I'm like a little kid before Christmas!

Hi David

I have your motor stripped and it's all looking good. It's obviously not the original motor, looks like a new one has been fitted at some time in the not too distant past, which is great news for you. I have started work on the porting etc so I should be ready to build it towards the end of next week
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Well! Due to delays with funds then delays with the intercooler amongst other things it took me 5months! But it's finally here!

Running her in at the minute before mapping and there was a slight issue when pip tried to manufacture a way of mounting the brakes (they were second hand from an MR2) so they will have to wait.

Just on with my snag list now.

Glove box won't close (fixed)
Gear surround plastics wouldn't secure in place (fixed)
Headlights needed replacing (done)
Rear seatbelt buckle broke (sourcing parts)
Speedo conversion (sourcing parts)
Heaters/blowers not working (investigating possible problems)
Cigar lighter not working (investigating possible problems)
Rear window seal missing (sourcing parts)
Replace all other seals as degraded (sourcing parts)

I'm sure there is more but these are my main things for now.

Mechanically though everything is spot on šŸ˜Š

If anyone has any of the stuff I'm looking for or any ideas on the bits I need to repair like how too please let me know



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Bucharest, Romania
Real Name
Mike Dendyuk
Picking this beauty up from the Badwool was a no-brainer. Needed some TLC, but luckily the paycheck kept on coming :))
Continuing the story, here is a full list of mods (to date):

1992 FD3S RX-7 twin turbo streetport RHD 318bhp+
Street ported and rebuilt engine by WGT Auto Developments UK in 2018
Full engine rebuild with uprated Goopy apex seals
115k kms on the clock, 12000km since rebuild
HKS downpipe 76mm (new), new downpipe gasket, new mid pipe 76mm, used 90mm catback JDM big muffler exhaust
New exhaust heat wrap front to back
New O2 sensor Bosch
Fully refurbished brake calipers (BiggRed)
New Brembo front disks, Ashika rear disks, Ferodo DS2500 pads (600km) front+rear
Full ABS delete kit ā€“ Proline Motorsports UK (braided lines front to back)
HEL RPB braided brake lines front & back
Sakebomb Garage braided clutch line
Tegiwa brake master cylinder stopper
Coilovers - Showa Japan - OEM Mazda spec from Bathurst Edition refurbished shocks and stiffened on both compression and rebound
TEIN springs -35mm with 8kg front / 6kg rear
Exedy Hyper Single clutch ā€“ used 10000km, freshly revised with new clutch disk (original one gave way recently)
New clutch slave and master cylinders
2.2kw starter, rx8 internals, custom billet nose to fit RX7
All new shifter turret bushings OEM
4.44 final drive rear diff, fully refurbished, new drive shaft seal, new axle seals, new pinion bolt and washer
Two spare drive axles
New front right wheel bearing
Drive shaft, diff and rear frame sandblasted and painted black
Cleaned all control arms, zero rust under the car
ECU Apexi Power FC (no hand commander) ā€“ with FC Datalogit USB-serial interface (new)
Powertune Devices 7inch digital dash installed in center console, connected via FC Datalogit to the ECU
Concept 7 Mickey Mouse dash pod holder for two gauges
AEM X-series UEGO AFR gauge (sensor after the downpipe)
Stack analog boost gauge -1 to 2bar
All vacuum hoses replaced, simplified rats' nest setup
Custom WGT ECU remap - 318bhp / 387Nm at 0.8bar
850cc primary injectors, so running 850/850 primaries/secondaries
Walbro 255lph GSS341 fuel pump in tank, new in-line fuel filter
AEM smart coils IGN1A, used under 5000km, MSD custom length spark plug leads
HKS grounding kit
V mount intercooler - Radtec UK v-mount kit, full aluminium radiator
Twin oil coolers left & right
Solid aluminium engine mounts
70 shore polyurethane diff bushings and trailing arms bushings
Full SuperPro Australia polyurethane bushing kit
New rear toe control arms (pillow ball)
New full set of rear pillow balls from J-Auto, new dust seals & retainers
Perfect condition knuckle joints on all four corners, upper (front+rear) and lower arms (front)
New front anti roll bar links and anti roll bar bushings
Battery relocated to the trunk
Full aircon delete
Aftermarket steering wheel ā€“ Nardi 350mm
New fully refurbished front seats with gray leather and pattern fabric middle
18"x8.5 Ultralite GT2 wheels et35
Yokohama Advan AD08r 235/40/18 used 5000 km
Stock narrow Enkei spare wheel in the trunk
Front fenders rolled/tucked
New OEM water pump + gasket
New belts

Thought about selling it, thought about it again, decided to keep it and see where it gets me. Probably bankrupt...

Next on the list:
Adaptronic M2000 with new engine wiring harness
DM-Motorsport fuel rails, Sytec FPR
New injectors

If anyone wants the PowerFC + FC Datalogit, it's up for grabs - http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-5...0001&campid=5338477309&icep_item=114471612314
570 GBP shipped for FDOC members (PayPal or UK bank transfer). Optional 850cc primaries and secondaries and the R32 GTR fuel pump to boot.
Also got some fancy gray seats for sale, undecided about keeping those, probably will eventually :)


Bucharest, Romania
Real Name
Mike Dendyuk
P.S. - car got a new Evo8 clutch bearing (very similar to FD and easier to source). Luckily the garage taking care of this baby has a lot of Evo and Ford Cosworth experience.
We are in the midst of building a 4G63T RX8 track toy, using PMC Motorsport gearbox adapter plate. Going with a 5 speed tranny for lower costs, and maybe upgrade in the future if it doesn't hold up. Hopefully on the road next year (depends on the total budget and a lot of metal fab work LOL). Probably will start a thread on clubmazda.ro and share if anyone is interested.


Bucharest, Romania
Real Name
Mike Dendyuk
The road in the pictures is just a short part of the TransBucegi mountain section (not a pass, as it'a dead end mostly).
The TransFagarasan mountain pass is the one you need to get your arses over here for :)) Some nice sunrise mountain rips in the summer at 5-6 AM would be sweet to film (empty road). 7s day anyone? :))
We also have the TransAlpina high mountain road... In any case, bring some empty gas jugs too :p
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