Thread Size / Pitch of Front Caliper Bolts


Hope you're all well and had a fabulous bank holiday weekend?

I'm nearing the end of my loooooong suspension rebuild and I'm after some help on the thread size/pitch of the front caliper screw thread that the caliper bolts to the hub with as I've had my hubs powdercoated. I've have bought a tap/die kit but before I let loose with the die, I need to know the pitch - anyone gone down the same road and know the answer?


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Your tap and die set not come with a set of thread gauges?
or you could run the bolt down which ever die it fits.

I can't remember if its fine or coarse, think they're fine thread

Yeah, came with the whole kit and cabodle just that I'm away from the car / garage at the moment where it all is, had the kit arrive etc but wasn't sure what size it was.

Just emailed Reyland and they came back with M12 x 1.25, so all good now 👌
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