NEC Classic Car Show November 2021

NEC Classic Car Show November 2021
Posted by Mazdapowered
Friday, November 12, 2021 - 12:00 PM
Until: Sunday, November 14, 2021 - 01:00 PM
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FDOC Official RX7 Club has a Stand at the NEC Classic Motor Show 2021

Our Stand has room for 4 Cars Max

Current Stand Attendees

  1. initialDean (Dean Bayley - RX51 FUN)
  2. JE96 (Jack Ellis - L336 LNF)
  3. adie moore (TBC)
  4. Mazdapowered (Richard L559 XHW)

Stand Reserves...... Back up Attendees
  1. not as good as you
  2. Sacrilegious-FD


FD Owners Club = CCS808

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Exactly... Cant all be Ford Model T's can it.... My brother is already looking at getting a stand together for the Noble Club...
I think we should do the same. If enough people show an interest, I am happy with planning it.

Would be nice to have 2-3 really nice standard Cars and maybe 1-2 pimped ones.
Both FC and FD really on the same stand... or could go balls deep and incl an RX8 too... might be going a bit mad there.... This is the FDOC after all haha
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I'm going to start the sign up process now and see how far we go...

Not sure how many cars we are going to commit to having there. I think 3 solid standard FD's... one modded one... one solid FC?
Anyone know an owner of a good FC to reach out to?


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Here is some blerb

Club applications must be submitted by Wednesday 7 April 2021 to be considered for a free-of-charge space-only club stand at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery 2021 (CMS2021) including the Classic Motorbike Showcase.

Submitting this application registers your interest in taking a club stand; it does not guarantee that we will be able to offer your club a stand nor that any space offered will necessarily be as requested. The order in which applications are received has no bearing. Applicants will be contacted by the end of May 2021 to confirm if your application has been successful.
Keep up-to-date with the latest show news, register to receive show newsletters at
Get social on Facebook: @NECClassicMotorShow ¦ Twitter: @ClassicMotorNEC ¦ Instagram: @classicmotorshownec
Club stand space is offered free-of-charge on the understanding that clubs agree to the following Conditions of Entry:
  • Clubs will promote CMS2021 to your Club Membership via all available members-only media e.g. Club publication/s, members-only webpages/forums, social media and email, to ensure members are aware of the show and the Club Ticket Offer advert (artwork is supplied to successful clubs).
  • Clubs will make every effort to promote the show to the general public e.g. on the club's public webpages, social media and at other events throughout the season.
  • Clubs will make every effort to provide details of their planned CMS2021 stand display in good time to our marketing and PR teams to use in pre-show publicity.
  • Any costs involved in your participation: dressing your stand area (e.g. optional carpet, electrics, graphics etc.), transporting vehicles, accommodating stand 'staff' and insurance will be at your club's own cost. Guidance and optional order forms are provided to selected clubs.
  • Please note, exhibitors and their stands may be photographed, filmed or recorded for marketing, broadcast or security purposes during the Show. By attending the show, exhibitors, their staff and club members authorise such photography and recording, and permits the Organisers to use their image, likeness and voice for archival and promotional purposes in any and all media, without liability, compensation or credit. If you are including vehicles, images or other products as part of your display it is your responsibility to ensure the owners/suppliers are aware of this.
Clubs may not undertake any atypical commercial activity at the event. For clarity, this means:
  • Clubs are permitted to sell their own club merchandise or branded goods so long as this is a normal club activity; but this must be secondary to your vehicle display.
  • You are only permitted to sell spare parts if this is an on-going enterprise, is run voluntarily by club members for club profit and does not involve a commercial third party.
  • You are not permitted to lend any part of a club stand to any commercial company or to sell or promote anything from a club stand that is not a part of normal club activity.
  • Commercial branding and commercial sales personnel are strictly prohibited from Club stands.
  • It is prohibited to advertise the private sale of any vehicle from a Club stand.
  • Club exhibitors are responsible to take out adequate public liability insurance cover (ÂŁ2 million).
  • Club exhibitors are required to indemnify Clarion Events Ltd against loss during the entire tenancy (0800 hrs on Wednesday 10 November to 1200 hrs on Monday 15 November 2021) as detailed on the Terms & Conditions sent out with stand contracts.
  • All exhibits, fittings and all other items brought into the exhibition by the exhibitor or the agents, contractors or other invitees of the exhibitor shall be the sole responsibility of and at the sole risk of the Exhibitor. The Organiser shall not be responsible (other than where loss or damage is caused directly by the negligence of its employees) for any loss or damage to such exhibits, fittings or items however caused.


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I think we will have to be there on the Thursday to set up the stand..... and you cant move your car until Sunday night....
So those of us going need to be aware of that... arrange for hotels etc...

It sounds like a hasstle, but after all the shit going on in the world at the moment I think it would be awesome to get out the house and spend a long weekend with fellow minded enthusiasts. Our cars already being classics are starting to shoot up in value and respect. I think we should celebrate this and stake our claim on the classic scene.

Our stand will be small and simple. I'm happy to make/build any elements we need if any. Its nice to have stands next to your car detailing any work or information on it.

Would be awesome to have some flags and signs and merch from the club too.

Only thing that might cost us is the liability insurance. Ill get a price for that and see what it is.

I dont know if anyone from here wants to take over this feed and make it so we can have the Names of people committed to coming on the top or anything.

Let me get the ball rolling and see where it ends up. They might not even except our request for a stand lol.


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Ah I didn't realise you were committed from Thursday until Sunday. I'll have to be a tentative option! The missus might not like me gone for 4 days as we'll have a 4 month old baby at that point haha.
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Yeh i've done stuff at the NEC when i worked with Goodyear, no movement of any vehicle during the even and limited engine on time, they like you to push vehicles into place


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Looks a potentially good option but the 4 day commitment might be too much for many, certainly seems a more sophisticated show.

Liability insurance cant be ignored though, that and the costs of it will need to be addressed early on to make this a success.


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That's right... the NEC is only really 45mins away for me, although I shall still be in a hotel during the event.
The organisers will sort the insurance out for a fee.. Not sure what it is yet but cant imagine it will be a lot. only to cover 4 days.

There is plenty to do and see there. You don't have to stay with your car all weekend. You don't even have to be there at all if you don't want to.
Park your car up and go home lol ...