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Morning all.

I've decided after a 10 year break from RX7s it's time to get myself my forever FD.

I'm on the look out for a nice 99> RX7 and have a healthy budget for the right car. Ideally after a type R or above

I'm after something honest and I wouldn't rule out a car that needed some work to get tip top.
No grade R or accident damaged cars. please.
Body, underside, interior condition is more important to me than a recent rebuild .

I'm in a position to buy immediately but not in a rush and happy to travel for the right car.

So does anyone have anything they're thinking about parting with?


Still looking for the right car of anyone's thinking of selling in now springs on the way
I am mulling selling mine to make room for something else, but not entirely sure. It's a 1999 RS, Innocent Blue https://www.flickr.com/photos/squicker/albums/72157687310504960

Rebuild and clutch 4400 miles ago, high 7 and 8 compression, can dig out recent test but would get a new comp test if selling. It has a misfire at the moment which I will get sorted as soon as I can get my act together (aka lockdown). Car is totally stock except the exhaust (AutoExe) and is kept with a collection in climate controlled storage, brand new discs and pads all round. Needs MOT as SORNed as I just don't drive it, but again, I'll simply do that if I decide to sell it. It even has the parcel shelf, and how many can say that?!

Great car, but never drive it and collect cars and am thinking of a new toy to take its place... but a bit torn. Every time I see an article on one I think, "actually I'll mothball it and keep it for a rainy day"!

PM me if you want to have a chat, I'm down the road in Brighton.
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Cracking car this! Jdmr neils old car

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