Japfest Silverstone Sunday 05/05/19


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Yo, for all you proactive FDOCers who want to book tickets 6 months in advance, here's all the info:

Tickets cost £25 with some free shit
Entry is from 7.00am

Book your tickets HERE:


Click the red 'buy here' button
Select FDOC from the drop down and the password is:

FDOC2019 (case sensitive)

You will need to select the top option for one or more adult tickets
And you'll need to select one club vehicle pass under 'display your car add on'
you'll also need to add Show guide as that's a required field
You'll need to put in your reg number so get that to hand.
There are other options if you have brats or want to go on a track session etc.

The Deadline is Tuesday 8th April 08/04/19 for club tickets
I'll try and remember to remind FDOCers to get there shit together and order tickets

If anyone has any questions or problems with tickets then feel free to PM me and I'll see if I can help or sort it out with event organisers.

If there's anyone staying over I'd recommend the Crossroads Hotel I stayed here last time an it was OK, not the worlds smartest rooms but the bar was nice and has plenty of parking, about 15-20 mins from venue.
I'd be keen for staying over and having a bit of an FDOC piss up, also keen for sharing a room with someone.
normally free cancellation on booking .com places get booked up fast for these events.
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Is be tempted to take mine this year :)

Here are a couple I took of last



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I was just trying to book a ticket and apparently you can't continue unless you have also selected the "Limited edition Japfest Cap"...


It's free anyway....


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There's a list in the admin area of the Japfest website, but its all real names so not 100% who's who.

i know Dave Bosner's on there, but that ones self explanatory!
I don't recognise the full real names of anyone else! lol

Members never bother keeping a list up to date, or put their name down with no intention of coming so a bit of a waste of time
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