I broke it quickly....Chaste White Rebuild


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Now it’s fitted, needs a bit of finessing but will let my mate at the body shop sort that when he has it over winter. My mate had to adjust the front bonnet catch a little bit but all in all the panel gaps aren’t too bad. Still need to tighten the bumper up to reduce the front gap in this pic.


Looking forward to carbon front splitter.
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All of the oil lines are sorted now for the oil pressure reg, I had to change the original banjo fittings that I was using as they were too small to manage the flow required but more importantly the return was too small.

Here are the original banjo fittings.


As you can see pretty shit, in bottom pic you can see the difference in size for the outlet for the banjo fitting at the top vs the Turbosmart fitting kit AN fittings which I didn’t realise you could buy separately so a third trip back to Forge for 3 new oil hose fittings.

Picture of Turbosmart fittings which included rubber o rings.


I also drilled out the original 1.5mm restricted turbo oil feed fitting.


As you need to run a return with this regulator I decided to return the oil back in via the filler neck so I bought a second hand one and threaded the return line in. I used a bit of JB weld to provide a good seal to prevent leaks.



To check that the regulator was doing its job I temporarily fitted a pressure sensor and started car, I bought a new gauge from Merlin for the job, only £15.


Pleased to say the regulator seems to be working perfectly, from cold the gauge is showing around 45-50psi which is perfect for Holset. That with cold thicker oil too so will bring it nicely down to required pressure when warm too.

Finally I managed to source a 1000cc AEM water/meth jet if the mapper feels he needs to go up a size.



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Due to change in wastegate and due to exhaust having no flexi the v band wouldn’t quite seal to turbo by a few MM but enough that it was blowing so added a 8” flexi as well as a new sturdy v band, no more sealing issues and loads more room for wastegate and screamer.



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Some wiring fun and games to add the various sensors that I wanted for engine protection and tuning. So pulled the Link ECU out and got my mate from Omex over to wire in a few things.


First of all to connect my AEM AFR gauge to read in PC Link, we used the AN6 volt in the expansion module wiring.


Next I wanted to connect my KMS EGT box using CAN to ECU so followed the Link instructions to do so. Also acquired some spare loom plugs to steal the pins.



Proper EGT plugs from eBay.

First EGT sensor fitted into manifold, one more to sort tomorrow.



Bosch style knock sensor was also added.
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Unfortunately something not quite right with the engine so getting it back to Stu to find out what’s wrong and fix it. Compression is low and it’s use a bit too much oil for our liking.

I’m now in the process of removing my first rotary, I always think it’s good to be self sufficient when It comes to cars so no better way to learn that to get stuck in. Im sure I’ll be swearing and cutting my hands to bits in the process. 😂


I started this evening and plan to hopefully be in the position to pull the engine by the weekend if I get time in between work.
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