I broke it quickly....Chaste White Rebuild


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I picked up a 1994 Chaste White FD back in July, I’ve always fancied one so took a bit of a punt on one with what looked like a decent spec to build on. (At least on paper)

The plan was to leave it alone and just use it for a bit of fun and perhaps build on it at a later date.

The spec according to previous owners sales ad is as follows;

Engine Rebuild at 93,000
New Exedy Clutch
Turbonetics T62-1 Single Turbo Conversion
Battery relocated to the boot
Rota MXR 18's 10j fronts 11j rears
Large Front Mount Intercooler
Custom Hard piping by Pro4m
Large Radiator
Greddy Manifold
Greddy Intake Elbow
Greddy Type R External Wastegate
Greddy Profec B Boost Controller
1650cc Secondary Injectors on a DM Motorsport Fuel Rail
Custom Downpipe
FEED Silenced Mid-pipe
HKS Hi-Power Silent Cat back exhaust
HKS Turbo Timer
Front & Rear Upper Strut Brace
HSD adjustable Coilovers
AEM Wideband
Boost Guage
Coilpack Relocation
Apexi Power FC ECU with Hand Controller
Fuel Lab FPR

Some pics;


Amongst quite a bit of history it came with a rolling road print out of just above the 400hp mark so plenty quick enough to enjoy for the rest of the summer. Or so I thought !


After driving back from Manchester area almost 150 miles just cruising all seemed well, I just cruised it home with everything working as it should although idling a little high in traffic (1500rpm) I didn’t really get a good chance to open it up on the way home so parked it in the garage and left it 4/5 days until I could find some time on the weekend to properly test the car.

Sunday morning came around fast and following warming the car up and getting everything up to temp it was time to try some full throttle runs, this is where things started to get interesting. I quickly noticed the map was shite, it was only running around 0.8 bar but AFRs were flats 10s at wide open throttle, although not ideal still running very rich, likely in the 9s as the AEM gauge doesn’t go any lower than 10.0 and was flat 10s at all times at WOT.

I’d say I’d only opened the car up 3 times at WOT before I properly broke it, I came off a roundabout in 2nd gear, put my foot down and around 6000-6500 felt a little miss as was instantly down on power with the car wanting to stall. My first thought was I’d fouled the plugs due to massively over fuelling.


After swapping out plugs for new ones unfortunately the issue was still present so at this point I was pretty certain it was rebuild time. I tried the chuff test I could audibly hear one rotor down on compression.

At the end of August it was winging its way down to Southend for Stu at Rotor Torque to work his magic.



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Before sending the car off to Stu I made a few subtle changes, firstly removing the shite Momo wheel for a larger more comfortable Sparco one.


I also fucked off the god awful cheap Chinese boost gauge and replaced it with a matching AEM gauge out of my 5GTT.



I also picked up a Concept 7 dual pod gauge where I’ll be fitting oil pressure and oil tempt gauges.

As the engine was broken and the current turbo upon inspection had signs of damage to the wheel I decided it was time to upgrade that too, so after trying a few different options with a mate who has turbos galore in this collection we tried a few different Borg Warner, Garret and Holset options and lo and behold the Holset HX50 seems to fit with just a little fettling to the existing Greddy manifold. Stu is going to sort new oil feed and return for me with 4” down pipe and exhaust, I provided V Band for turbine housing.





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I’ve since made a few more purchases. First a Devils Own water/meth kit.


I then purchased an OE series 6 ECU as will be going for a Link G4 ECU.


I sold the existing Apexi ECU and hand controller to a chap in Italy.



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So now it’s a waiting game.

I’ve asked Stu to provide a full rebuild including fully balanced rotating assembly, half bridge and stud block.

The plan it to upgrade the clutch and flywheel, fit Link ECU with the required sensors for safety purposes. (oil pressure, fuel pressure, knock, egts etc)

4”down pipe and exhaust plus fittings required for HX50 turbo.

AEM coils

Upgrade fuel pump and check over the rest of the fuel system/injectors etc and renew if required.

Once done I’m hoping to achieve around the 550hp at 1.5bar Mark.

Watch this space !
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Nice FD bro, shame it blew up so early.

You not test drive it before you bought it?
Goes to show the 'just needs mapping' fallacy

Yeah the owner drove it pretty hard and all seemed well but to be honest I didn’t drive it. I should of but with my style of driving I would of definitely killed it, might of been awkward at that stage but we live and learn. I was keen to get back on the motorway and as it had a recent rebuild with receipts I took a punt. I’ll get it sorted !


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I almost bought this car before I found my red one last summer, this was originally in Devon right? It’ll be better than ever now, seems like it’s in good hands!
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Out of interest (as I'm sure I'll need one at some stage) what did Stu / what does Stu plan to charge you for the rebuild?

It’s not been fully agreed yet but I think a standard rebuild is in the region of £2500. I’m planning on studding, balancing and some porting so likely go up a decent amount from there.

He’s sorting loads of other bits too so likely be a chunky bill. 😢
It’s not been fully agreed yet but I think a standard rebuild is in the region of £2500. I’m planning on studding, balancing and some porting so likely go up a decent amount from there.

He’s sorting loads of other bits too so likely be a chunky bill. 😢

Nice mate, appreciate it / the honesty - Essex Rotary from asking around will be around the 3k mark (but I think offer a warranty) so just getting my head around the prices for now... or until it's time lol. Why no-one has sorted out financing or somekind of engine insurance is beyond me...

Build up looks ace though mate, hope it goes well for you!

Is that before VAT?

It'll be 99% after VAT (VAT included), I doubt there are that many businesses that could claim back the VAT off the top in that sector.

If they are a business then I'd imagine they would do the work anyway. So likely to be inc. VAT. and end-costed.
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