Ellz’s LsFd build


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Hey guys,
This is my '96 Fds3 type r

After dreaming about owning an rx7 for years i finally managed to find one recently up near standstead

The car has only done 29k kilometres and was imported last year
Unfortunatly the previous owner blew the motor and couldn’t afford to fix it so sold the engine and box (hence the flinstone title)


Once it was delivered I put my favourite wheels on, the super Advan Sa3r Also I’ve removed the wing

Plans are to get the holes in the boot closed up and re painted

Engine plans are up in the air at the moment
I have a 1jz engine and box but would like to stay rotary so won’t be jumping into anything just yet
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Welcome to the gang!
Pictures haven't come through, may need to reupload them. The built in tool on the forum is easiest.
What are your plans?


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Slow updates I’m terrible at this build thread lark

After a few months of weighing up options I came across a 5.7 ls1 on Facebook marketplace for a decent price so went for it

On first trial fit absolutely nothing fitted
But I’ve been whittling away at it

Managed to find a set of 18x9.5 et15 enkei rpf1’s on eBay for a bargain so replaced the Advans with those

And also came across a pmc gearbox adapter kit and bmw zf box for a great price

So far I’m under 3k into the engine swap with engine and box sourced so not doing bad







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I didn’t fancy spending 2k+ on an swap subframe kit so made up some mounts using bmw e28 powerflex bushes and mounted to the chassis rail to help further down the line
The new sump clears the subframe but the steering rack is a rather large issue, having the engine mounted to the rails will allow me to make up a new subframe lowering the rack with some bump steer correction tie rod ends
But state of play now is the engines mounted gearbox mounts in the works and most importantly the bonnet closes