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Hi all,

I am considering going for Davies Craig EWP150 electric water pump.
Is anyone else running it? What thoughts does everyone have?


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I have a exp, but its a meziere rather than a Craig David one. Tbh its a lot of trouble for marginal, if any, improvement and probably wouldn't do it again. Why do you need/want one?


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Shaun Wilmer
I've run a EWP80 for a long time (replaced it after 10 years use) running of a solid state relay via my link.

Biggest benefit I've found is you can shut the engine off and then leave it running to reduce the risk of hot spots on cool down.
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I'm running the 115 at the moment with the mechanical pump but soon I'm going to be deleting the mechanical pump, if you do delete the mechanical and for the flow to simulate the stock water flow you need to block the bypass, use a remote thermostat with bypass and reroute the bypass to after the rad but before the electric pump. The way the pump runs after shutoff is great plus the pumps pulse during normal use and only run permanent when required. It means you get cooling when you need it as opposed to the mechanical fan which is control by rpms which is useless in traffic.
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