Chimps Banana (for lack of a better name)

This is a continuation / replacement for my thread on the old FDUK forums (, for those that wanna go take a look).

Given I'm starting afresh, I thought I'd post my current spec and a few pics, and then if/when I change it again, it can be updated. Given I've had this car (or my previous '7) for more than a decade, and it's been through a number of changes over the years, future changes are to be expected :D

Anyway - pics first, then the spec...


And the spec. This is just the bits I remember - there are many other minor bits & pieces I've probably forgotten, and I know I've more more spares lying around somewhere...

Engine & Fueling:
*) Apexi ECU
*) Large streetport
*) GT35r
*) Knightsports V-Mount
*) Turbonetics NewGen 50 wastegate
*) Full custom engine wiring loom
*) B&M Ignition Kit
*) Rotorsports secondary fuel rail with Bosch 1680 EV14 injectors
*) Skyline fuel pump - re-wired with direct battery feed
*) Aeromotive FPR - shiny red (matches pulley kit) (replaced)
*) Greddy compression elbow
*) Greddy Profec B2 boost controller
*) Top Gear Stockport 3-inch Mid Pipe and Dolphin-tip Cat Back
*) DM Motorports Sump Brace (not fitted)
*) RX8 Air Pump
*) DM Motorsports pulley kit - shiny red
*) DM Motorsports idler pulleys - shiny red
*) DM Motorsports cap set (oil filler cap, brake reservoir filler cap, etc) - shiny red

Handling & Transmission:
*) ORC twin-plate clutch + flywheel
*) Dragon Diff Brace
*) A full set of Superflex bushings all round
*) BC Racing coil-overs (spring-rate 8kg front, 6kg rear)
*) Okuyama Carbing front strut brace:
*) DM Rear Strut Brace / Harness Bar, w/ DM Uprated Mounts
*) Auto-exe front/rear anti-roll bars:
*) KTS Anti-roll bar brace:
*) Refurbed Blitz Technospeed Z1 17" (17x9 +22) wheels, wrapped in AD08r rubber
*) Auto diff

*) B&M Quick-Shifter / short-shifter
*) DEFI Link2 Controller and gauges - Oil pressure, Oil temp, Water temp, Boost
*) Quad 60mm center-speaker gauge holder
*) Rear storage bins w/ custom boot/bins divider
*) Flocked dashboard, door cards, transmission tunnel cover, A-Pillar trims
*) Custom painted gearshift surround, stereo surround, dial surround, door trims
*) Momo steering wheel
*) D1Spec quick-release boss
*) Working air-con

*) Concept-7 'sleek' HID headlights
*) Knightsports Type 7 bumper (original)
*) Modified Feed wide front arches (copy)
*) Modified Burnout wide rear arches (copy)
*) Knightsports FRP vented bonnet (copy) w/ locking aero-catches
*) Feed FRP side-steps (copy)
*) Re-A 'Street Style' rear diffuser (copy)
*) Carbon BGW w/ carbon legs
*) Lamboughini Yellow repaint ('Corona' yellow, PPG Code: 0069)
*) URAS Front side-Lights:
*) smoked front reflectors / marker lights
*) smoked rear reflectors / marker lights
*) smoked side indicators
*) Custom headlight loom with direct battery feed
*) Feed rear tow-hook (got front too, but not fitted)
*) Rear wiper delete

Other/Misc collectibles & parts:
*) Intact pParcel shelf
*) center cubby hole (replaces ash tray)
*) driver door-pocket cover
*) full original tool kit + boot covers
*) replacement boot carpet + spare wheel well cover
*) stock popup mechanisms w/ Knightsports twin-spots (copy)
*) Refurbed Mania Racing Vortex wheels 18" (anthracite center / polished rims)
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Just to add following my minor off-track incident a couple of years ago, it looks like I cooked the engine... to the point that the side-seals left grooves in the plates and the housings cracked clear through to the water jacket :/

So, a fresh rebuild (with new plates, housings, and rotors) is in, and I now face the joy of running in another new motor... at least the old one managed to last another couple of years since I toasted it, although I used it so little over those years that it didn't really have to do much except sit there and look pretty... and it can manage that with no effort :D
That KS bumper really is nice, one of the only decent looking aftermarket body parts. Also interested in details of the RX8 air pump?
The air pump is fitted below the driver-side headlight (you can see the hose coming out and running up the driver-side of the engine bay). Makes it run much smoother at idle / low RPM apparently (I say apparently - Jason started tuning it up on the old engine and was really enthusiastic about the difference it made - but then found the engine was dead when he started mapping it on boost. It's been disconnected whilst running in, so I haven't experienced it for myself yet).

It also means that the car should sail through its MOT next time, without requiring Apexi tweaks etc.

And it's using an RX8 air pump because it's electric (unlike the one from the '7 which is belt-driven, and would have been impossible to fit into the engine bay)
Cool solution, I've not seen that before. I'd heard of Americans using Corvette smog pumps.

Does it pump into the cat like stock?
Not quite - there's actually a air-pump intake on the back of the LIM, which then runs through a channel in the housings, and exits into the Exhaust ports (or into the manifold next to the exhaust ports, not sure which). As well as diluting the exhaust at source, (which should also have a minor benefit for turbo spool) it also helps with the idle / low RPM stuff due to the exhaust-port overlap causing some of the pumped air to be pulled into the opening chamber...