Aroha the New Zealand import FD

Davey Sileighty

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Oct 24, 2018
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Well I have owned my rx-7 for nearly 2 weeks and so far it has spent more time up on axle stands so figured I'd start a project thread as there is plenty I want to do.

My FD is a 96 New Zealand import, I bought her from a woman who lived in NZ and bought the car whilst she lived there, she moved to the UK and she imported the car over so she clearly loved the car!

And as my best friend had moved to NZ a few years ago I decided it was fate I'd end up with an NZ car, so I asked them to name the car for me and "Aroha" or love when translated was the name they gave me, Aroha kinda sounds abit feminine so I kinda like it.

It's currently on 68km and has a fresh rebuild by RXmotors as a business called JDmodified had caused engine damage somehow, since the rebuild it has not even done 1k miles so I am still going easy with it.

Here's a few pics the day after I got her home.


Now on the drive home a noticed issues with the secondary turbo coming on, or rather the fact it didn't want to and would just splutter and be difficult to gain speed, however this is intermittent, anyway after some reading up and asking you lot I came to remove the upper intake and check out the maze of vac pipes and various solenoids and one way check valves that could cause this issue, still on going with this.

So after taking the the upper intake off and checking things over, all looks fine I noticed another issue of an oil leak from one of the OMP lines, I must of just looked at it wrong or something as the smallest of touches and the bleedin thing snapped on me, cue @karl_tate with some braided ones for me to replace them with.



Got those installed and onto the next issue of a leaking aircon pump, which I am hoping is just new o rings, took the pump off and dismantled some of it and cleaned it up and added some instant gasket to the rubber gaskets ready to refit back, re-gas it and hopefully fixed.


In between doing the above I decided to remove the front splitter and paint it back to black as the red splitter just doesn't work for me.


Also gave the sidelight/indicators some tlc to remove the yellowness.



Which brings me up to date so far, Aroha is currently perched on a couple of axle stands awaiting more treatment.


Hope you all enjoy the updates, any questions fire away :)



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Jan 8, 2018
Haha that face says it all 😂😆 I always had a smile like that on my face driving my saxo! Loved it! I do prefer the mk1 shape to the mk2 but they're great fun! Never got to drive a vts but my wife has a 1400 16v 206 and I'm surprised with how punchy that is! Bet the saxo vts is tremendous!
Would love to do a bit of rally cross! Looks so much fun!


Jan 7, 2018
Car looks good! Was it originally a JDM import to NZ I assume?

That's a decent workspace you've got there!

Worth swapping out the check valves while you're there if you haven't already. The two located within the box are a bit more of a faff to get to, but the viton ones on ebay do fit if you use a little bit of vac hose slid over each side to centre them snugly.

Glad the diagrams came in handy (y).

Davey Sileighty

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Oct 24, 2018
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So latest is after I put it all back together

Ran great up untill it got hot then it would pull rubbish on the primary and when the secondary turbo kick's in its pulling amazing again.

So it's something primary related and only when hot, probably a solenoid.

Cue taking the uim off again although after reading @Ceylon s thread I noticed an easier way of taking it off so thank you.

So last night I took the black box out along with a few other solenoids and tested them at home.

Cold 12v tested them and lots of clicking happened so that's good, then tested the resistance and all in the tolerance which is good, so then I baked the black box in the oven for 5 mins and re did the above tests.

12v on them all and all worked apart from one, the charge control solenoid, resistance test backed this up also and other solenoids had good results.

What job does the charge control solenoid do that would make the primary turbo develop boost very slowly and then once secondary turbo comes in boosts fantastic, and sometimes causes the car to splutter untill I restart it.

So tonight I've tackled splitting the black box apart, a little warm up in oven again and plenty of silicone spray and gradual forcing it apart in opposite areas with a big flat screwdriver and apart it pops without drama's, not too much of a worry at all




So I'll replace the charge control solenoid and fit it all back and hopeful the car will run 100% so just waiting now really.

Overall I am very happy with progress and finding the fault.

Onwards and upwards.

Time for beer.
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Davey Sileighty

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Oct 24, 2018
North East
With great thanks to @97FD3S for sending me his old blackbox unit and @jdmr_neil for check valves I managed to create a good working blackbox.

Fitted back to the car and my boost issues have gone away, still not taken her past 5.5k though due to engine rebuild approx 5-600 miles ago so wanting to add another couple of hundred miles before giving it the full beans.

Very happy with how smooth the car pulls and it is a pleasure to drive, just want some slightly better weather so I can get out.

Also fitted an led rear foglight as the big nasty thing previously fitted looked hideous.


Then used some red tint film to tie it in better.



And here's a few pics of the car.



Time to just enjoy using the car I reckon.

Oh but I do have a dodgy headlight retractor clip that I need to fix/replace so no night time driving.