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General Information


Stock body sleeper


Omp wheel
HKB Boss
NRG quick release
Porsche 997 GT3 seats
Boost gauge + AFR gauge + Tablet display (when i can be arsed)

Under the Bonnet

Half Bridgeport, clearanced and studded
Borg warner 8374
Turblown ewg manifold
Turblown 3.5" downpipe
3" midpipe
2x Turbosmart compgate 40 wastegates
RB 3" single tip exhaust
V mount intercooler/radiator setup
Large K&n filter
Pineapple racing idler pulley
ACT clutch
ACT 12lbs flywheel and counter weight
Link g4+ ecu
Link 4 bar map sesnor
Mac 3 port boost solenoid
AEM smart coils
Magancore Leads
Racing plugs NGK
Turbosmart FPR 1200
Bosch 044 fuel pump
KG parts rails
1050x primary 1700x secondary injectors
AEM meth injection with uk spec reservoir.
Aluminium AST tank
Triumph ats

Definitely forgetting loads of stuff but thats bulk of it.


HSD monopro coilovers
Nankang AR1 tyres
Superpro polybushes full car
Braided brake lines
ds2500 pads with Large rs calipers and 314x32mm disks
dm engine mounts

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