My Sunburst FD

From scrapyard to showroom state
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General Information

Bought this car as a long-term project and wanted to save it from the scrapyard and 3 years and many hours later it's finally ready for the road đŸ˜„

Pictures of how I bought it


I'm a big fan of carbon fibre so the car is loaded with it đŸ˜‚
It's a sunburst rx7 fd with the 99spec front bumper, feed carbon sidesteps, uras gt carbon lip, seibon vented and partially painted bonnet, legsport carbon side deflectors, I already have a genuine mazdaspeed spoiler but it needs painting and I'm waiting for the odula blade version in carbon to mount everything.

It also has the re amemiya carbon diffuser from shine, a carbon heat shield and the carbon re amemiya plate holder.

I decided to run volk te37's since I love them on fd's and I powdercoated them white because it looks amazing with the sunburst colour.

For the lighting I bought carshopglow bumper lights and taillights


As far as interior goes I changed quite a lot here
Got the seats redone in leather and alcantara with yellow stitching and the handbrake, shifter leather and steering wheel as well.

The steering wheel is one from an nardi mx5 with a carbon logo.

In the trunk I have the sakebombgarage water methanol tank, battery is attached to a custom plate that bolts to where the rear seats go, my water meth pump is located where the spare wheel goes together with the compressor and tank for the aircups.

I decided to use an ecumaster pmu so all wiring goes through that and I was able to remove 70% of all wiring from the FD. (Don't have abs, airco or power steering anymore so that also had an influence in the amount of cables left)

The reason why I bought an ecumaster and spent well over 200hours wiring everything is because there are no fuses or relays anymore in the engine bay or the interior. The F100 box is also completely out and every single input and output runs through the ecumaster pmu. The indicators, the wipers, the headlights, the starter, ...

For the cluster I bought faces from speedina with a yellow center to match the rest of the car.

Under the Bonnet

I'm running a stockport engine rebuilded by Kees Hoebeke a specialist in the Netherlands.

As injectors I bought Bosch 850 and 1680cc injectors together with the advocult Motorsport fuel rail setup and a walbro 450 pump together with nylon fuel hoses from the pump all the way to the fuel rails and I adjusted the fuel pump hanger so it uses AN fittings.

Regarding the upgrades it has a black painted re amemiya vmount, an upgraded alternator, a standalone adaptronic modular m2000, a TGS ast delete, a Borgwarner s300 sxe turbo with a custom manifold and downpipe made by Fischer race engineering and an lms efi bracket where to airco goes to fit the aem ign 1 coils.

I removed the abs and changed it by a setup from Chase bays.

All the other parts I got painted and repaired.


I have the ksport coilovers with stanceworks aircups and all parts from the suspension are powdercoated and all the bushes are changed to better ones.

For the brakes I bought stoptech slotted and drilled rotors for the front and rear brakes and I sent the calipers to M.S. custom engineering in the uk and they're completely redone and painted liquid yellow.

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