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General Information


Genuine c west front bumper
Mazdaspeed carbon bonnet
Volk ce28n's
99 spec rear wing
Carbon bumper guard


Red recaro seat
Personal neo grinta
NRG quick release boss and hub
Cisco 6pt cage
Battery relocated to rear bin area
99 spec dash and clocks
Boost,water temp, oil temp oil pressure defi gauges
Hks boost controller
Apexi pfc and oled commander

Under the Bonnet

Hks v mount
Hks t04z turbo kit
Aem coil conversion
Modified filler neck
Custom catch tank
Custom ast with extra water rad in wing
Full exhaust system
Exedy tein carbon clutch
Os giken 5 speed gear kit
Kaaz 1.5 way diff


Ohlins coilovers
Every arm rose jointed
AP racing calipers on 99 spec front discs
99 spec rear brakes
Abs removal
Volk ce28n
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