Event recap

Blyton Park Track Day – 24 August 2018

Six members of the FD:OC attended a premium track track day at Blyton Park hosted by Magnitude Events on 24th August limited to only 12 cars on the day. Included in the price of admission for the track day, Magnitude Events sorted out our accommodation the night before provided us with breakfast, lunch and access to drink and snacks throughout the day, and free photos. FD:OC members had a blast and we were joined by three Lotus Exige V6 iterations, an Elise Sport 220, a Caterham 620S, a BMW E46 race car, a MX-5 and a tiny little Ford Ka.

Lotus and rx

We had four FDs with completely different engine and suspension setups from a car on twins at 1.0 bar to a car with a T04e to a car with an EFR 7670 to a car with a large street port and a 8374.

Mazda FD's at the track

It all started on Thursday evening at the Fox and the Hounds Country Pub and Inn for a few beers, whiskey and some banter.

FDOC MembersA few hours of sleep later and we all woke up to leave for fuel at the nearest petrol station that stocked premium fuel. After fuel we met up at the track, had bacon baps, coffee/tea for breakfast and listened to what must have been the longest driver briefing ever…We got on track just before 10am and conditions were great and we all spent the first 1-2 hours getting used to the circuit and negotiating whose car we could be a passenger in later. Free rides were offered in the Caterham 620S and an E46 BMW race car as well.


White FD3S


Just as lunch arrived the heavens opened up so we all went in to the club house and had Fish and Chips and a few drinks. After the rain stopped we continued driving, tuning, tweaking and enjoying each other’s company. The only drama on the day was Martin17 running over a cone and a Mazda MX-5 spinning out and losing a tyre.

Mazda kills cone

We each got a passenger ride in everyone’s car that day and cib24 took a video in each car and recorded lap times by the owners. A little competition is always fun and while we can’t promise that the videos or times captured were when each driver did their best laps, we hope the FD:OC enjoys the footage which can be found on cib24’s youtube.

The day ended around 4pm and everyone was satisfied with the experience and value for money. Magnitude Events also recognised the potential of the rotary community and has organised a rotary only track day on 5th July 2019. We hope to see you there!