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AIB – RX7 Insurance Partnership

It’s the time of the year where FD’s are starting to get back on the road and this is the perfect timing to announce FD Owners Club have a new partnership with AIB Insurance. AIB are offering FREE Legal Cover to all members.

After seeing how members of other communities have benefited from similar partnerships, I hope they will be able to bring the same savings and satisfaction to our members.

Looking at the lotus community, it seems they have managed to beat quotes from popular insurance companies such as Adrian Flux, whilst having high customer satisfaction.

Pushing for customer feedback to help members decide where to spend their money has always been a big drive of mine. Should you have any questions or concerns I will be happy to provide assistance, as AIB have provided me with a direct contact.

What AIB have to say:

From the classic RX-7 to the modern cars, we will provide the perfect cover for your special vehicle, allowing you to relax and enjoy the drive. At AIB we offer exceptional bespoke insurance cover for FD3 owners and understands that owning and driving a RX-7 is a unique experience and deserves one-of-a-kind insurance.

Our highly-qualified team of advisers will tailor policies specifically to your needs and help you find the best quality cover at the best price. When finding the best policies, we take into account if you drive your RX-7 on a daily basis or not, what experience you have driving this type of vehicle, where it is kept day and night and the security to ensure your pay as little as possible.

Additional benefits we can included if requested:

  • Tailored RX-7 FD3 car insurance
  • Modification friendly insurers
  • Multi-vehicle policies
  • Fully comprehensive cover
  • European breakdown cover
  • Limited and agreed mileage discounts
  • Car security discounts
  • Free legal cover when you mention ‘The FD3 Forums’
  • Experienced performance car drivers discounts

Speak to our team today on 02380 268351 for an instant quote and cover.


Don’t want anything in here ta lol
If it's ERS underwriting then the price will be dirt cheap.

If anyone else is underwriting then from my recent renewal experience id expect it to be 2x as much as anyone working with ERS.


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Matt Jasek
If it's ERS underwriting then the price will be dirt cheap.

If anyone else is underwriting then from my recent renewal experience id expect it to be 2x as much as anyone working with ERS.

They would let you know at the quotation stage. They work with more than one so it would depend who is most competitive for you at the time.

The lotus community seem to be very happy with the quotes they are getting so it's well worth seeing if they can beat any quotes come renewal (y)
Rang for a quote today, said they'd call back but never did (n) went with Adrian flux in the end

Good Morning,

I'm very sorry to hear this, this is not our usual service.

You are more than welcome to call me personally and I'll be more than happy to give you a quotation.

Kind Regards

Leah Burt
AIB Inusrance
02380 268351


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I took out a policy with them this week.

Great to deal with over the phone, and a good chunk cheaper than some of the other companies and the underwriters were the same as two other companies who quoted me! So goes to show there are some robbing companies out there!

Would recommend giving these chaps a try 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


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I too took a policy out with them last week. Spoke to a few of the team, great price and nice to deal with so far. They called me back the following day, after speaking with underwriters, which I found unusual as all other brokers just put me on hold. I would definitely recommend, and would happily renew if the price reflected loyalty.
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Got a good deal with these guys, though would it be possible to confirm about driving other cars 3rd party?

I do not believe my AIB policy covers it which is fine but always handy to have.
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