Event recap

7s day round up

Whilst making the most of the rare sunshine, rotaries came out in force to celebrate Dorito life across the UK.

Rx 7s at mazda dartford

An event was held at the Mazda Dartford headquarters which had a great variety of cars on display. Cars in attendance included FBs, FCs, FDs, RX-8s, RX-3s, a R100, two original Cosmos and a RX-7 Group B rally car.

Classic mazdas

A special thanks to Mazda Dartford and our very own cib24 (Roy) for making this event possible. More photos and video of the event can be found in the events and meets forum section.

3rd generation mazda rx7s

Meanwhile in South Wales more FDOC’ers were enjoying a scenic drive out arranged by Spendyrx.

South Wales FD's

A big thank you to everyone who set up events and to everyone who attended. More photos from the South Wales meet can also be found in the events and meets section.

South wales mazdas


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Haha nice little write up @Matt!
We had an awesome day out and mazda Dartford looked awesome too and I'm pretty jealous of the people that went there!
What I'm amazed with is that there was only one report of a breakdown! It's a shame it was only one that was broken down but it's amazing that everyone had no issues
was a great weekend all round and was bledy hot (that's not a complaint 😆)
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Thanks @Spendyrx it looked like everyone had a great time at both. I just wish my 7 was on the road so I could have attended either of the events!

PS: I suck at articles, I'm trying to get a few up so the homepage doesn't look so bare! :ROFLMAO:
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Nice write, south Wales meetup was good fun! The meet at Dartford looked great, would love to go next time, especially to see the rx3,4 and cosmos
Nec classic car show